The preferred way to include SDK in your app is directly through Gradle.

To do so add the following:

in project build.gradle
repositories {
                    maven {
                        url ""
in app build gradle
compile 'com.buongiorno:newton:[choose the specific version here]@aar'
and check if you are using these libraries
 //facebook activity
compile ''
//google play services
compile ''
//ok3 http http connector
compile 'com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:3.0.1'

Available versions


* Added getSnowplowUser to public interface to retrieve the snowplow user context as HashMap

* Number Recognition implementation using old MSISDNUR Login Flow

* removed test

* added missing setNoPin for msisdn loginflow

* added the login with the user 2.0 cookie, added test to sample app
* added the set of the distribution group

* fixed transient token url, added test to sample app

* added forwarding of country and operator from payments

* isPaying proper implementation

* Rebuilt exception handling and NewtonError from scratch

* Removed annotation that breaks build

* SECURITY FIXES: Facebook activity removed, MD5 removed
* Added proper OAuth loginFlow

* BUGFIX: wrong param name in pin MSISDNForgot

* Fixed smsTemplate in MSISDNForgot and addEmail Flows

* Gradle Upgrade
* New logins implementation

* Added check for null pointer (early system.exit Bugfix)

* Payment implementation
* Mobile fingerprint first release

* Bugfix of timezone localized
* Bugfix android O
* Started refactor of project: build gradle

* Changed jacoco plugin (test report)
* Minimal refactoring in EventQueue classes
* Bugfix for crash in OS on push receive if app in background

* Push events normalization
* Added backward compatibility for GCM in play services 5 (legacy version)
* Bugfix: Null pointer if connection fails in A/B test

* A/B Test ready
* Removed READ_PHONE_STATE permission: deviceID hash(ANDROID_ID) only
* Fallback behaviour if PushNotificationCallback not set.
  It will launch the Application's main activity.

* lazy initialization (to avoid multiple start session)
* check custom data weight before send it (also in start session) MAX BYTES SIZE: 10K
* check custom data string properties length and resizing to max CHAR 512
* unified NewtonStatus and NewtonToken classes

* Pause/Resume heartbeat event on application background/foreground
* Resolved bug in race condition (push registration wit login)